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AirKool Mechanical has been in business for over 40 years and had an outdated website that was hard to update and didn’t represent the service quality and capabilities of the company.  AirKool had thousands of residential customers and wanted to

expand the commercial side of the business.  They were also starting a new business line - Dome Service and Repair - and they needed a new site to help promote and support those objectives.

Their old site wasn’t mobile friendly and the design didn’t represent the company the way the owner wanted. We built a custom, modern, mobile-friendly website that showed the breadth of services available, bolstered by photographs and testimonials, and made it easy for visitors to find what they needed. The new site works great on all devices and makes it easy for customers and prospects to contact AirKool.

Background/The Problem/Project Goals and Objectives

The owner of Airkool Mechanical, Carlos Blanco, had been in business in Rockland County for over 40 years, providing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installation and service to residential and commercial customers in the local area. Carlos was well known in the community and has provided many residential customers with HVAC related services.  Airkool has an excellent reputation and the service trucks are often seen around the county.

Carlos’ existing website was created a few years earlier on the Yahoo Business platform.  It was a text-heavy site and looked old and outdated, especially when compared with his competitor’s sites.  It was difficult for him to update the site so he really did not keep it current and there was no place add photos of his work.  He was working with one of his family members to keep the site search engine friendly but the Yahoo Business platform Limited his ability to add to the site to reflect what he wanted to do with Airkool. His site was not mobile-friendly and he was concerned that prospects would not be able to easily see the value in his services when viewing his site on a phone.

Carlos came to us to build a new website that more appropriately represented his company. Carlos had five main objectives for creating his new site:

  • he wanted to increase his commercial installation and service line of business
  • the site needed to describe and promote a new business line: servicing and repairing domes (tennis bubbles, for example)
  • he wanted his new site to reflect the latest in web design trends so his established company can be viewed as a contemporary organization
  • he wanted it to be easy for customers and prospects to contact AirKool
  • he wanted to be sure and retain the ‘Google Juice’ he had built up with is existing website.
  • he wanted the new site to present his company on all device sizes

Process and Insight

Carlos had a logo and a color scheme in mind but otherwise was open to our design and implementation suggestions. We spent a lot of time talking about how he wanted his Company presented on the web.

AirKool is a successful company that has been around for 40 years.  Carlos was proud that he has serviced generations of families in the County and it was important to him to illustrate that staying power in terms of service quality and reliability.  He had thousands of residential customers and wanted to have that same success on the commercial side of the business.  The new site needed to make it easy for his current customers and prospects to see all the things that AirKool can do.

We recommended to create two major sections on the site - Installation and Service/ Repair - and to include all aspects of his business in those categories, giving equal weight to commercial, residential and dome work.  We created detailed pages describing AirKool’s work and included photographs appropriate to each one.  Our idea was that website visitors could see descriptions and examples of AirKool work and be confident that Carlos’ known commitment to quality and professionalism was a common thread through all of them.

To preserve his search engine rankings, we used a careful inventory of his existing site and used modern SEO tools and techniques to make sure that every element on his old site had a modern, updated home on his new one.


The new AirKool site looks modern and contemporary and it is clear to website visitors that the company installs and services residential and commercial HVAC systems. Giving equal billing to its commercial and residential work on the site has worked well to increase the commercial side of the business.

The site is mobile friendly and works well on a phone, tablet and a desktop.

We made it easy for customers to contact AirKool.  The phone number is prominently displayed at the top of the site and is clickable to call when the site is viewed on a cell phone.  An emergency contact form is available at the bottom of every page that, when completed by the website visitor, sends a text message to Carlos so he can respond immediately.

We added a mailing list signup form that allows his website visitors to stay up to date with the latest happenings at AirKool. People who sign up are automatically and safely added to the mailing list.

Complementing the photo gallery on each of his webpages, we created an additional photo page categorized by his lines of business where we include additional photos of AirKool’s work. This further proof of quality and professionalism has help bolster the company’s growth.


Carlos is very pleased with the new site and its impact on his business.  The Commercial Installation and Service side of AirKool has increased 80% since the site launched and he’s captured new business from existing customers who were not aware of AirKool’s breadth of services.

The AirKool website ranks well in local searches and existing customers and prospects alike use the contact form on the site to request service and information.

Carlos has received numerous compliments on his site.  His prospects and customers have told him that they appreciate the information the site provides to help them make intelligent choices about their HVAC provider.

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