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You Are a Local Business
Looking to Rocket Past Your Competition and
You Think a New Website Will Cost Way Too Much?

A Website Service guaranteed to attract visitors,

generate leads and grow your sales!

At Fast Website Launch we create your website, your online storefront, to be the  center of your digital universe. Your website is the focal point of all your other marketing activities.  It’s the anchor, the foundation, the glue that holds everything together. Any investment you make in online marketing be it advertising, social media, or search optimization has got to start and end with your website. That’s just the way it works, and we make sure it works well.



  • You have 5 to 50 employees and
  • The purpose of your website is to generate leads or sales and
  • You are currently spending money on advertising and marketing
  • You want to stretch those marketing dollars you are already spending


  • Build your site
  • Create the content
  • Make unlimited updates and changes
  • Keep it Safe, Secure

All for one, low fixed monthly price! 

ONE-TIME SETUP $497 PLUS $247 per month


Dedicated Project Manager
Professional Copywriter for Content
Custom Design & Color Palette
Carefully Selected Images
Integration of Existing Videos
Contact Form

Email Marketing Integration
Social Sharing Links
Pages for FAQs, Testimonials, Resource Documents
Free SSL Certificate
Free Facebook Business Page

We prioritize customer service and support so we have a limited number of slots for new projects each month.

I want a Website but
is the process going to take over my life?

-- The Short Answer is NO --


That requires less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee

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Get on Board

Complete a short survey

 Create your Fast Website account and sign up for your new Website Service. The onboarding process is simple with no surprises. Your project manager will take notes from your intake call and use them as the foundation fro your new site design. 

We make a creative brief

We’ll put together a mini creative brief to get our team started and follow up with any initial questions to better understand your business and customers.

Meet your team

We'll introduce you to your dedicated creative team and who will be creating your website.

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Get Creative

New website creation

After finalizing your preferences, we'll start writing home page copy, sourcing images, and creating your custom design.

Unlimited feedback and revisions

Review your website’s design and copy. If you feel something's a bit off, it’s all part of the process - we'll use as many revisions as it takes until you're completely satisfied.

Go Live

Once you're happy, we'll send you the DNS instructions and within 24 hours, you'll have a sparkling new Internet Presence that you’ll be proud to show clients, friends, even neighbors.

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Get Results

Monthly performance reports

Your reports are written in plain English so you can make fast, informed decisions about your marketing based on how your website is meeting your business goals.

Make improvements

Whether you want us to rewrite a headline or modify the design, you have email access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to consistently improve your website.

Continue to grow online

After your new website is launched, we have a suite of online marketing services to help bring you more traffic and leads.

Your Monthly Website Service Includes all this

  • Images, charts and drawings
  • Videos
  • Entry forms
  • Email integration
  • Social sharing
  • Keyword research
  • frequently asked questions
  • testimonials
  • Access to quarterly webinars
  • Access to video training on WordPress and other additional functionality
  • Implementation of repair procedures if a hack or viruses are discovered
  • WordPress Version Updates
  • WordPress plug-in updates
  • Daily backup of database and site files
  • Database optimization
  • Spam and revisions clean up
  • Security and performance. Scans
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited tasks included each month (30 minutes or less)
  • Any task longer than 30 minutes will be quoted as an estimate
  • Monthly reporting

OK.  You get us and you're ready to sign up. Or maybe you want to talk to a consultant first.

We're thrilled!  And we look forward to getting started with you.

The folks at Fast Website Launch are fun, funny and fanatical about what we do. We want you to have the best time working with us so everything we do is designed to make it easy for you and easy for us.

We hate surprises and we suspect that you do too.  That's why we've explained the process to you here -- in plain language -- so each of us knows what to expect.

So lets get to it

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Sounds good, right? Here's what's next.

Kickstart the onboarding process and contact one of our small business web consultants to schedule a call. Like we said, you can be live in as little as 3-weeks. The sooner we can answer your questions and audit your current website, the better.

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