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Yes, I know, another unsolicited email but give me 2 minutes and you’ll see how this email can help you solve a problem you are having right now.

The printing business is very competitive. There are countless local and online printers out there, offering loss leaders to steal your current customers away.  What do you do to stand out from your competition, grow your business and still stay profitable?

For most printers, it’s offering the products your customers demand and provide excellent service that wins you loyal customers who are willing to pay a little more!

Now let’s talk about the profit.  The goal of any smart business owner is to maintain a healthy profit.  We also know that maintaining those margins requires continual investment in equipment, staff, training and supplies.  What if there was a way to increase your overall margin without investing in any of these things?

Our company Fast Website Launch partners with local printers who want to offer website and online marketing services to their customers.  How does this help your margins?  Because you add a website service to your offerings, your customers signup for the service, we do all the work.  Yes, we do everything, from helping you make the sale to building the site and maintaining it month after month, and you get.  Not only do you get paid for the sale but you also get a commission check every month they stay with our service.

If this sounds good to you and you want more details just visit this link to get more information.


Michael Loewenberg
New City, NY 10956


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